Business Experience


1960-1991 - Worked for IBM in a multitude of fields from Quality Assurance to Engineering  to 
Systems Support.
    Final responsibilities included: Project Coordinator, Work Simplification, Site Representative,
Management Advisor (Advisory Systems Analyst).
Reported directly to the Site Manufacturing Manager of a 13,000 employee IBM Site

1991 - Retired from IBM in as an Advisory Systems Analyst
    Found that retirement was not my "thing"

1991 to 1994 - As I enjoyed graphics design, I purchased state-of-the-art hardware and software
and started working with Desktop Publishing. State-of-the-art at that time required getting into
much deeper hardware/software details. I stumbled, fumbled and learned.

1994 -Started assisting friends and acquaintances with their Small Business/PC problems.
    I was told that I should consider this as a sideline as the need was severe.

2004-Present - Word of mouth was sufficient advertising and I soon had clients in many fields within a 25 mile radius.

I have supported such businesses as law offices, mobile home business, construction/contracting, credit
bureaus, non-profits, town municipalities, auctions, insurance, restaurant, retail, and property management.
I may have left something out. . .but you get the picture.

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