Personal Information
and Activities


Current (& previous activities)

- Founder and current coordinator of the New York State Crappie Derby
   An annual Ice Fishing event that draws thousands of people to Whitney Point Lake
   each January. This event was started in 1974

- Elected Assessor Town of Triangle, Broome County, NYS
    - State Certified Assessor - Advanced
   Served for seven years.- Chairman of Board of Assessors

- President (for 16 years) of the Broome County Fermenter's Association.
   A home brewing and wine making society in south central NYS.
   Placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in over a hundred contests

   Affiliated with SEPP (Serving the Elderly through Project Planning) Since 1994.
   SEPP (or the SEPP Group or the SEPP Management ?Company) is a non-profit corporation
   that provides affordable housing for the elderly and disabled. SEPP currently
   manages ten facilities with more in the planning stages
- Member, Board of Directors since 1994
- Chairman - Board of Directors - The SEPP Group (2003 - 2005)

- President - Riverside Cemetery Association (Non-Profit Charity)
   Riverside Cemetery is a 6 acre cemetery in Whitney Point that contains the remains
   of many historic and founding area families. Graves date back to 1790.

- President - Northern Broome Cemetery Maintenance Association
   This is a partnership (of 5 cemeteries in northern Broome County) which coordinates
   maintenance for the cemeteries.

- Chairman - Rogers Cemetery Committee - Town of Barker
   This cemetery was formerly a family cemetery that was turned over to
    the Town of Barker for administration. Significant effort and planning is required
    for potential future development of the cemetery. Future development was set aside
    and the cemetery was stabilized.

- Member - Northern Broome Seniors Advisory Committee since its' inception
    This committee is instrumental in guiding and advising the overall activities of the
    Northern Broome Senior Center.
- Provided PC maintenance support for the PCs available to the seniors at the center
- Developed, provided and maintained a website for the Northern Broome Senior Center

- Member - Whitney Point Central School District Financial Committee
    Was asked to serve representing the "Community Seniors". This is an advisory
     committee to serve as an adjunct to the district and school board. Served on this
     on this committee throughout its' active period

- Owner - PC Creations Consulting

- Member - Whitney Point Sportsmen's Association - Large Outdoors Related
   Membership Association. Served as Secretary for 16 Years and served on the
   Association Board of Directors for several terms

- Member - American Legion and Veteran of Foreign Wars
    Also a member of two US Navy Ship's Crew Associations:
     USS Severn (AO-61 and USS Great Sitkin (AE-21)
    Also a "Plank Owner" of the USS Ranger (CVA-61)

- Married (Jean E.), 5 children and 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren

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